I’m looking for alternatives to the Volvo Amazon Wagon

I’m not a hot rod guy. I appreciate the time and money that others invest in these cars, but I have zero desire to own one. The chrome just doesn’t do it for me. Instead, I’ve always had a thing for the Volvo Amazon wagon. Like most cars that others want, these can be pricey. Here’s a build thread on of a gorgeous example. The Volvo Amazon is currently a bit out of my budget. So I want to find alternative longroof options.

I was pleasantly surprised to happen on this  while perusing the Interwebs. The Suburban Wagon is the 2-door variant of the Meadowbrook sedan and it sits on the 114-inch wheelbase, which is shorter than the sedan.

1953 Dodge Meadowbrook Suburban Wagon

The 1953 model is powered by the “Get-Away” inline six-cylinder engine. It produces just over 100 horsepower. The 4.0-liter Hemi didn’t arrive until the final year of production in 1954 and bumped horsepower to 120 thanks to the extra two cylinders.

I’m always a sucker for clamshell rear doors. So functional. A bench and an awning at the same time!

1953 Dodge Meadowbrook Wagon clamshell rear doors

I enjoy reading car ads, especially when it is of the “I KNOW WHAT I HAVE” variety. Those ads always make me laugh, but I will always question a five digit odometer and your claim to it being the truthful mileage. If you have service records and can prove it; cool. If not, please do not waste everyone’s time by talking about your survivor mileage.

While I can’t get over the volume of chrome that cars from the “Sock Hop” era possess, I will always enjoy their gauges. Nothing says cool quite like these vintage displays. Add hood ornaments to this conversation, and you have automotive art.

1953 Dodge Hood Ornament

With only 15,400 Meadowbrook models made, and even less of the Suburban wagons, this is not the best alternative to an Amazon wagon. Volvo made 73,000 wagons between 1962-69. So my search will continue. I know I’m not the only around here who would love to get their hands on a classic station wagon. So share with me your proper alternatives to a Volvo Amazon, so that I may begin diving ever deeper into Craig’s wonderful lists.

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