I want to buy a Toyota GranAce

It has never happened in the last couple of years that I saw a press release about a new car and actually wanted it. Toyota announced today that they are bringing to market an MPV slotted above the HiAce.

Introducing the 2020 Toyota GranAce. The name is taking its meaning from the Spanish “gran” = big or great and the English “ace” = first person or excellent. That is straight out of the Google translated version of the press release. I couldn’t care less about what the name means. It’s a good looking van.

2020 Toyota GranAce Front-3Q

Toyota will be debuting this luxury MPV at the Tokyo Auto Show later this month. The GranAce is 208.7 inches long (8 inches longer than the Toyota Sienna) and is 78.3 inches tall. The GranAce is based on the HiAce and shares the same wheelbase (126.4 inches). The powertrain is going to be the 2.8L 1GD four-cylinder diesel engine. The specs for the GranAce are not released yet, but the same engine is available in the HiAce with three outputs: 154 hp/310 lb-ft, 161 hp/310 lb-ft, and 175 hp/332 lb-ft. The average fuel consumption is 26 mpg in the HiAce.

This is 100% the van that I have been searching for. I have seven people in my family and while all the minivans in the US will fit seven people, none of them do it with this much room, style, and predicted reliability.

Plush Interior

The GranAce will come in two configurations. The three-row six-seater version with six captain chairs is one option. The four-row, eight-seat version will feature eight captains chairs. Both configurations will feature premium materials, i.e. leather seats, wood and aluminum trim, a larger infotainment screen and new HVAC controls. The LED side cabin lights and excellent soundproofing are to make nighttime journeys more pleasant.

2020 Toyota GranAce Luxury Interior

2020 Toyota GranAce 8 seats



The GranAce will not be on sale in the United States and waiting for 25 years to import one is too long. This van looks to be the perfect blend of a spacious van with the height of an SUV (4 inches taller than a Suburban) and somewhat decent gas mileage. Too bad we are not getting it.


I guess we’re moving to Japan.

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