Hundreds of hoontastic cars to be auctioned in Utah.

There was this guy, Jeffrey Lane Mowen, who bilked investors to the tune of $18 million in an apparent Ponzi scheme.  Mr. Mowen then promptly went to jail.  Did I mention he tried to have 4 witnesses killed from the comfort of his jail cell?  Interesting feller, this guy.  I could go on and on but you guys have all heard this story before in varying shades of dirtbag.  What really makes this story interesting is the cars.  Lots and lots of cars!
You see before the sky fell on Mr. Mowens head, he amassed quite a large collection of interesting and unique cars.  Over the past year the U.S. Marshalls have confiscated close to 300 vehicles from various garages, storage units and even residences from around the Salt Lake valley. 
Check out the gallery for some highlights.  Links to the auction below.
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There are two auctions set for Jan 7th & Jan 21st.  See the full auction galleries and .
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