Redusernab Weekend Edition: The Adventures of Charlies Angels with their Fords

I will be kicking off this Easter Holiday Weekend with brightly colored, small 70’s Fords featured in Charlies Angels. This is a fun trio of videos, and I hope you enjoy them, but you can only do so after the jump…

The Adventures of Kelly Garrett (Played by Jaclyn Smith) in her Yellow Mustang II Ghia

Charlie’s Angels: Adventures of Kelly and her Yellow Mustang II
The Adventures of Jill Munroe (Played by Farrah Fawcett) in her White and Blue Cobra II

Charlie’s Angels: Adventures of Jill and her Mustang Cobra II
The Adventures of Sabrina Duncan (played by Kate Jackson) in her Orange Pinto

Charlie’s Angels: Adventures of Sabrina and her Orange Pinto

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