Redusernab Weekend Edition: Setback for Team Trailing Throttle Oversteer!

The New England Edition of the 24 Hours of LeMons (now renamed!) is a scant 4 weeks away, and we have a serious problem…. Read more after the jump…

As I began prepping the 1963 Index of Effluency Winning Corvair, I knew something was amiss. After charging the battery, and checking to see if there was enough oil in the crankcase, I turned the ignition and nothing happened… just a click of the starter. I then took a touque wrench, and tried to turn the engine…. seized!

At this point, I got in with a local Corvair expert by the name of Lionel Bernard. He runs a private garage called Lionel’s Garage in Millbury Massachusetts, and first thing he asked me was what do I want with a seized engine? I asked if he had any tricks, or any spare engines. Yes to both was his answer….. so out came the spark plugs and in went the Marvel Mystery Oil…. check back in 48 hours to see if we will be installing a new engine!

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