Redusernab Weekend Edition: It's A What?

So, the other day this olelongrooffan was passing by my brother’s, the jeepjunkie, Goodyear shop and as I was a bit thirsty, I thought I would stop and enjoy a cold diet sodie pop with him. While we were hanging out at the entrance to one of his ten bays, one of his customers comes rolling up in

this 1961 Daimler SP 250. Yeah, WTF is that?

This fin bearing, fiberglass British sports car

could barely contain its owner in the pilot’s compartment.

But really, it’s okay, it’s got a HEMI, SU’s and Lucas Electrics!! “Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My.”
My fellow Hoons can read more about this rare roadster here. For a real treat, be sure to read through to the end.
And if are mildly interested in this, you absolutely have to listen to this week’s podcast.
Happy Holiday to my fellow Hoons.

We the Author:

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