Redusernab Weekend Edition: Images of the 24 Hours of New England

Starting off the last weekend of July, I thought I would share some images from the 24 Hours of Lemons site taken from last weekend at Stafford Springs, Connecticut.

When was the last time you saw these types of cars competing with each other…. the correct answer is never, making the New England race practically unique. The variety of racers was astounding for such a small event.

And here is that 1963 Thunderbird at full tilt! Glorious to view, even better to competing against!

At the race, there were three Alfa Romeo Milanos, a Fiat 131, a Saab Powered Nissan Z, A V6 Firebird, a large contingent of Volvos, and not one but two Buick Regals.
Image Sources: 24 Hours of LeMons Gallery, Jalopnik

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