Redusernab Weekend Edition: A Monstrosity From The Hard Drive

Welcome to another when I get around to it semi regular posting with a monstrosity I found on my hard drive. This one is a fairly recent addition.

To this olelongrooffan, there is only one Batmobile and that would be the original one designed by George Barris of Barris Kustom City. It is based on the 1955 Lincoln Futura he bought directly from FOMOCO for a single saw buck. I know there are many newer generations of the Batmobile but to me the original is always the best.
Having said that, last weekend while doing a walk about at the Spring Fling I found this:

I have absolutely no freaking idea what this thing is. Ted Vernon, a car dealer with questionable taste quite a bio, is based out of south Florida brought this and a bunch of other cars up to try and unload out there at the track. This one appears to have a vintage Corvette nose but I can’t seem to grasp what coupe it is based on and according to his website about this thing, it is based on a 1999 Cavalier!!

And trust me my fellow Hoons, anyone investing 60 large in this monstrosity should be committed. However, at $18,500, this is a “money maker”!!

And the ass end of it? WTF?
Original Batmobile Image found here.

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