Redusernab Wagon Wednesday: The 1969 Rambler Edition

As I was traversing the Daytona International Speedway this past weekend, I walked through the area where all the race car driver’s motorcoaches park during race weekends and realized this was the location of this year’s featured marque, the Rambler of the late 60’s. I spotted more Rambler Scramblers gathered in one spot than I had ever seen previously. Not to mention AMX’s.
But wait! What is that down this row?

Yeah, my fellow Hoons, it is what appears to be a 1969 Rambler Station Wagon. It is my understanding this was the last year prior to becoming American Motors and this wagon was the last of that dying breed of Ramblers. I spoke to the female half of the ownership of that longroof, seen in the background of the above image, and she mentioned they found this longroof in a barn up in Georgia in the fall of 2010. It was missing its engine and transmission and while her other half was getting the drivetrain together

she was responsible for gathering the interior bits together for use and display.

She mentioned it was a work in progress and that 258 transplant was not quite getting its fuel supply correctly and thus, she sheepishly admitted, they had trailered it up from Melbourne, Florida, about an hour south of The World Center of Racing.

The interior was pretty much complete save the headliner. And just like this olelongrooffan in my olestationbus, the liberal use of expanding foam can silence a lot of squeaks in the roof section of a longroof.

Interestingly enough, the interior door pulls on the front doors were brown but on the rear doors they were green! At least the respective doors matched!

And the owners installed a nice set of aftermarket gauges.

All in all, a nice, rare longroof with work in progress!!

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