Redusernab Wagon Wednesday: Long and Low

I have had this shamelessly stolen for google advertisement for a 1958 Dodge Swept Wing longroof in the longroof file on my hard drive for as long as I can remember. The other weekend while out at the track for the Spring Fling, it instantly popped back in my mind when I spotted this

1959 Dodge longroof.

I first spotted it out at the track and grabbed a quick image of it as it was mobile and moving in the opposite direction of me. However, later in the day, I spotted it stationary out at Bellaire Plaza and was able to get a few images of it to share with my fellow Hoons.

Other than the nameplate on the front grille, all other badging has been removed from this slightly modified longroof. Therefore, other than the fact it’s a Dodge and it’s a 59, this olelongrooffan can’t tell you if it is a Dodge Sierra or a Dodge Spectator longroof. To further confuse me, all of the images I could find of this year had different tail lights. Whereas this one had a round lower light with an arrow shaped chrome piece above it, all of the ones found on google have two round lights stacked atop each other. Including the Sweptside pickup of that era.

Yeah, my fellow Hoons, that interior is freaking huge!

But, overall, this is one sweet ride and would clearly fit in my livery any day of the week.

And that push button transmission alone is worth the $24,900 asking price!

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