Redusernab Truck Thursday: A 1924 Ford Model TT Firetruck Edition

As I have previously mentioned, this past weekend was the Celebration of the Spring Fling down here in Daytona Beach, Florida. It was a Chamber of Commerce weather type of weekend and as such, this olelongrooffan headed out to the Daytona International Speedway to see what was to be seen. Imagine my surprise to see an 87 year old re-engineered 99 year old fire control machine from Cecil, Wisconsin!

Yeah, after I crossed over that almost newly repaved Speedway, the first stop is always the garage where I spotted that Series 1 M BMW earlier this year. The vintage race cars always inhabit this garage area during the Turkey Rod Run and similar events during the winter season. Imagine my surprise to see this cool old pumper firetruck for the first time. And I am glad I was able to capture a few images of it for my fellow Hoons.

It possessed a cool old kerosene lantern that was used for illumination by those firefighters long before street lights were as common place as they are these days.

It appears this old pumper started its life as a horse drawn fire buggy but as technology progressed, its adaptation to a motorized Ford Model TT was set in place. I thought it was cool that the accelerator for that old pump motor was very similar to the 50’s era IH tractor we had on Haven Lee Farm when I was a young longrooffan.

And it would appear the location of the mounting of those fire hoses would

impede the ingress and egress to the control section of that old truck. But I guess it worked for them.

And yeah, back when manufacturers weren’t afraid to badge their products.
Overall, not my cup of tea but it sure was nice seeing this old beauty with its owner not hesitating to describe its merits.
Rock on Ford TTs and their proud owners!!

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