Redusernab: The update

Yes, it looks rather different around here. A fresh coast of paint has been long overdue on these virtual pages, and that’s what we’ve done. At the same time, some things are seemingly a bit more complicated but really it’s all been made more easy. Here’s the gist though; the content remains the same. How we can display that content, for the right piece, can become a bit more dramatic, artistic, unique, or interesting. Generally though, what you’re used to seeing and reading will be the same. Images can be larger and the site can adjust to your viewing width though so that’s nice.

Additionally, we’re still pulling this one out of the oven and things are being adjusted. That’s why the switch was flipped late on Friday. So we could crank on a few things over the weekend. Yes, Disqus will be put back in place. We have to wait for the domain to fully propagate so we can then tell Disqus to look in the right spot for “”. Also, the URL will be reverted back to once that’s done. This .store business was just the location where we were building the new site, and it’s currently serving as a redirect at the moment.

If you get tired of seeing the giant images scrolling past on the main page, there’s the link at the top to a page called Articles. That brings you to a simple space that contains just that. We also have a dedicated page for our YouTube videos, and we’re working to get the Podcast page fully integrated so as to automatically update with the latest episodes. There’s a nice spot on the main page that leads to our new Blipshift store, if you’re feeling inclined to add some swag, and we’ll be adding more items in there very soon (new designs and some stickers, to start).

Change is hard at times, but we’re excited to see what this new layout affords us. We love to hear your thoughts on the redesign, but no we’re not going back to the old look. But we are absolutely open to adjusting aspects of the new site. The original logo still exists on the We page. As does the old Ticket image that sits alongside our Masthead.

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