Redusernab PSA: Please Put the Pokemon Down When you Drive. Please?

Look, this isn’t what I thought I would ever have to be telling all of you out there, but please, for the love of god, can you put the phone down? There will be plenty of time to catch these fun little critters when you aren’t driving!
Apparently the in-game warning isn’t enough for some of you, so let’s use the cautionary tale that has come into the news the past couple of days, and look at the serious crash of a 28 year old Auburn man who hit a tree dead on after refusing to put down his game. Look at that damage and tell me you think catching a shitty snorlax is going to be worth all of that damage. Right? I didn’t think so.
And because I’m on a role, let’s try to keep the phone always away when we are driving? Distracted driving is the number one menace here in Austin, and I know there must be those of you who think it’s harmless. Well, it is until it isn’t, and I don’t want to read about how more people have gotten hurt or killed thanks to some jackass with a smartphone. So, put the Pokemon down, and put your phone away. It’s for the betterment of driving.

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