Podcast: Episode 182 – Jason Engel from Classic Recreations at SEMA 2016


This week friend of the show and amazing builder Jason Engel of Classic Recreations joins us at SEMA 2016. Jason Connor joins for cohosting duties this episode as Mr. Engel has had a hand in helping Jason wrap up his own “Eleanorish” project with a Coyote engine. As to be expected of Classic Recreations they’ve arrived at SEMA with some absolutely gorgeous mustangs including a GT500 and GT350. In addition to Jason sharing his newest projects with us we talk SEMA overall, fabrication the realities of personal projects and Jason drops some knowledge on the Coyote and Voodoo architectures they’ve acquired over the last few years.

Redusernab – Classic Recreations – SEMA 2016

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