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Redusernab MarketplaceRedusernab features the weird, obscure, the awful and the uniquely awesome. Our readers are automotive omnivores that appreciate everything up and down the automotive food chain. The site was born from friends sending “for sale” finds back and forth all day, and it only seems natural to let more people in on that action.

If you’ve got a unique vehicle that gets rejected from Autotrader, lost on eBay motors and generally ignored on your local craigslist, a Redusernab Marketplace post might just be for you.
For a mere $25 we feature your car in a post on our site, complete with any high resolution photos or videos you have to share. We’ll let you get across all the important information on the car, the kind of stuff that’s hard to do on other sites. Most importantly, you get the eyes of the Redusernab readership on your car, the very people likely to buy it or forward it along to a friend.
We’ll take your information and media and write it up into a post, with our own lively (but friendly) commentary thrown in for good measure. We’re happy to feature your basket case of a project car, but it needs to be labeled as such; we won’t be party to scamming our readers for your sake. Speaking of our readership, we encourage you to come answer any questions in the comments, but please be thick skinned and don’t get to defensive if they have something to say about your car.
A few mechanics of the transaction:
  • Your post will be on the top of our page for a 2 hour window and on the frontpage for a full day. After that, it will be visible via a “Redusernab Marketplace” link in the sidebar.
  • We have no requirements for exclusivity and would be happy to point to a craigslist or eBay ad if you have one
  • We reserve the right to refuse any listing for any reason
  • We make no guarantees or buyer/seller protection regarding this transaction. Please use common sense.
  • We maintain editorial control over our commentary in the listing, but will allow you a preview for a go/no-go before we run the post
  • Payment of $25 to be made via Paypal to [email protected]. Payment must be made prior to post running. No refunds for any reason other than technical difficulties (e.g. your post doesn’t run, site experiences an outage on the day of posting, etc).
  • While we make every effort respond promptly and get a post up within a day of having all the material and money, we can’t make any specific guarantees about turnaround times to listings. 
  • We will update the post as “sold” and remove your information once you request we do so, but the post will remain in our archives indefinitely.]
If you’re interested, hit us up at [email protected]
 Photo Credit:  on Flickr

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