Redusernab Fastback Friday: The General Motors Edition

Well, my fellow Hoons, this is the last, or the first, depending on when you tuned in, post for this olelongrooffan on this Redusernab Fastback Friday. Yeah, I was down at Bellair Plaza and gathered up a few images of some fastbacks for your Hoon pleasure.

This 1972 (?) Hurst Oldsmobile Cutlass was just outstanding. This W-30 was flawless and carried all the correct styling that was the flagship of Miss Vaughn’s representation back in the day.

It even had the cool rear wing. I remember one of my older brothers owned a Cutlass CS way back then. He referred to it as his “Cutlass Chicken Shit.” But that gold beauty is still something I desire to this moment.

I guess that this predates the Government Motors timeframe so I guess I should change the title of this post. But to freaking late, I actually have a date in twenty minutes and need to get going. So much for drunkcast Friday…..

And the final fastback I am offering for Redusernab Fastback Friday is this SSR engine bearing street rod.

It possesses the Steelies that a certain commenter here in the Redusernab so desires and has a great stance.

And I am fairly certain this 1949 Chevrolet fastback

is one of the first fastbacks of its time. If you discount the Chrysler Airflow and the Cadillac Sedanette.
But I could be wrong.
Stick around this weekend for more from the 2011 Spring Fling.

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