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Technology kinda scares us too.

Technology kinda scares us too.

Well, I think we’re showing fairly conclusively that the Big Bang Theory is correct. The Redusernab really did start with a Big Bang, and seems to be expanding at an exponential rate.
And to be perfectly honest, I don’t think any of us has the slightest idea what to do with it. So, blindly fumbling about in all directions, we stumbled upon some Twitter thing. Anyone heard of it? Us neither. Seems rather trivial and silly to us, but hey, it looks like there’s a couple dozen people who use it. Who knows, maybe there’s something to this internet thing after all.
Honestly, setting the Redusernab writers loose in a realm of technology is like setting Barney Fife and Ward Cleaver loose in a Best Buy. Chaos is sure to ensue.
Nevertheless, feel free to follow us over there at ! We’re not sure what to do with it yet, so it’ll probably just be dirty jokes and insulting Braff, but that’s always fun nonetheless.

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