Redusernab Asks: What do you want out of a smaller truck?

I’m heading down to San Diego today to drive the new Ford Ranger (for our friends at Jalopnik). As a former Ranger owner, I’m incredibly curious about what’s going on with the smaller pickup in the Blue Oval lineup. As a general automotive enthusiast, I’m more curious to see what the smaller rig offers and what it can offer its potential buyers. And also, at what cost.

Smaller trucks are beloved by their owners. Ask a Tacoma owner about their ride and be prepared to hear tales of nothing but love. My own experience with my old Ranger showed just how much people want these down-sized pickups. I blew the engine in the truck, and I was easily able to sell it two days later for $750. I could’ve asked $1,000 and I would’ve got it.

So with the return of the Ranger, what do you want out of a smaller truck?

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