Redusernab Asks: Would a Hybrid Corvette be Sacrilege?

Two of the most recent hyper cars—the Porsche 918 Spider and McLaren P1—are gas/plug-in electric hybrids. What was once seemingly blasphemy, the adding of electrons and the heavy batteries needed to house them, is now the latest game changer in eking out that last drop of performance when money is no object.
As hybrid drivetrains become more and more ubiquitous—as you know they will—the question arrises, when will such stalwart icons of American performance such as the Mustang and more importantly, the Corvette make the switch? Could you picture a ‘Vette, silently moving down the street strictly under electric power? Would that be the ultimate sacrilege, or would that be the next logical step in Corvette evolution? What do you think?
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