Redusernab Asks: Will the Mustang II Ever be a Classic?

Mustang II
Fifty one years ago this month, the Ford Motor Company introduced the Mustang and created a new genre of automobiles. That original pony car became an overnight success. Every year following Ford gave the ‘Stang a little more this and a little more that, until nearly a decade later it became bloated and hardly recognizable as related to that original lithe horse that everyone loved.
In its second generation the Mustang returned to its smaller origins, and added cool features like rack and pinion steering and an available hatchback body. Those however weren’t enough to keep the Mustang II from becoming the marque’s most vilified edition. Arriving just in time for both emissions and fuel economy requirements to castrate engine performance, the II also offered some of the most anemic engines ever to call a Mustang home.
Today, the early ‘Stangs are seeing values go through the roof. the ‘64.5-’66 cars especially are now deemed classics and can command amazing prices. The Mustang II however, still sits in the economic doldrums, even though on paper it’s a vastly better car than the version that immediately preceded it. Do you think that is going to be the case forever? Or, will the Mustang II’s day eventually come? Will it ever become a classic?

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