Redusernab Asks- Who's the Best Woman Racer Ever?

Yesterday we lauded Shirley Muldowney for being a fast woman with class. But she’s not the only racer rocking the XY chromosome, and the ladies don’t exclusively drive in a straight line, a quarter mile at a time.
We all know Danica Patrick from not only her driving but also for bikini pictorials and track-side brawls. Ashley, daughter of funny car driver John, is a Force to be reckoned with, and America is not alone in putting women behind the wheel of horsepower-soaked chariots as Germany’s Sabine Schmitz proves. Janet Guthrie finished as high as 9th at Indy back in the ’70s, and was the first woman to qualify for both the Indy and Daytona 500s.
So, looking back, and looking out, who has been, or is, the best woman race car driver ever?
Image source: [ingamenow,]

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