Redusernab Asks: Which truck models should return?

Big trucks are here. They’re only getting bigger too. Thankfully though, the amount of smaller truck offerings has increased. For every Silverado, F-150, Titan, and Tundra, there’s a Colorado, Ranger, Frontier, and Tacoma. Sorry Ram loyalists, you’ll stick with the full-size rigs and you’ll like it. Those aforementioned smaller models, however, are mid-size trucks. Here in the US truck market, we don’t have any real compact truck options. Hell, outside of fleet sales, you can barely find any single cab offerings. Maybe a few currently gone truck models should make a return.

Chrysler could bring us a new Dakota. And then eventually stuff the Hellcat engine in there, because fuck yeah why not? If Jeep ever trots out that diesel Wrangler, Ram could borrow the engine for a reborn Dakota as well. Ford could go smaller than the new (to us) Ranger. It’s time to revive the Courier name, which could actually happen if the joint venture with Volkswagen really goes somewhere. As for Chevrolet? I think they could show compact truck fans some Luv.

Do you think there’s a market for compact pickups? If so, which truck models would you like to see return to production? Sound off below.

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