Redusernab Asks: Which one vehicle fits surprisingly well into your life?

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I didn’t know I need a Porsche. I don’t, really. But I didn’t know that I might. I’m spending a week with a Panamera Sport Turismo 4S. It’s an expensive machine. Far more expensive than my current budget would allow for… multiples of my budget, even. The as-tested price here is $128,000. That’s on the low end for a well-equipped or higher-trim example. These can touch and blow past $200k if you spec out the Turbo S E-Hybrid version. That one makes 680 horsepower. The one above? It makes do with just 440, and I’m completely in love with it.

Were I suddenly to come into large piles of cash, I always assumed my working daily driver would be an E63 wagon. I’ve been a Benz fan for awhile, love wagons, and enjoy powerful yet unassuming machines. This Porsche is not unassuming simply because it’s a Porsche. But it looks fantastic. It seats my entire family comfortably. My mountain bike looks good on the roof. The stance is excellent. And it’s a car that drives far better than you think it would. Which I assume you think it drives pretty damn good… but it’s better than that.

Sliding the seat to its fully lowered position, I find myself in a place of perfectly crafted contentment. The seat is comfortable, supportive, and quickly adjusted to a position that suits my in-car desire. Run your hands over the wheel and you’ll find it’s thinner than expected but placed damn near perfectly for where you want your hands to rest. This is clearly a wagon born from people who also happen to produce some of the finest sports cars on the planet.

I’m always quick to say that I’m no Porsche lover. The cars are fine, but I don’t obsess over them like others might. Then I get the chance to drive one, and I get it. I get it right away. My only two experiences with a modern Porsche involve putting many miles on a 911 Carrera S convertible and this time spent with the Panamera Sport Turismo.

Twist the faux key fob to the left of the steering wheel. The engine barks to life. The horizon stretches out ahead of you. And the desire to keep on driving flares up inside. This is one hell of a machine and, were I in the market for a car like this, it would be hard to choose the Merc instead. This vehicle here fits far too well into my life as I live it now (money not being part of that equation, of course).

What one vehicle fits your life surprisingly well? You can play with fake money here or choose one that actually fits within your monetary confines.

Have at it…

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