Redusernab Asks: Which of your vehicles would you bring on vacation and where?

I’m in Costa Rica right now as I type this. If ever there was a place where my Montero would be right at home, it’s down here in Central America. They have all generations of the Mitsubishi SUV running around these roads. I’ve also spied a first-gen Trooper, lots of Nissan product, a few Jimnys, and the cleanest Lada Niva I’ve ever seen. I’d love for my Montero to have joined my family on this trip, but it’s a whole lot easier to fly here and not worry about something breaking on the journey through a handful of countries to get here.

But it did get me thinking about the other sorts of trips that you all might like to take with your own vehicles. With my Mercedes, for instance, I’d love to bring that thing back to its home base. The look of horror that folks would have when they see those federalized bumpers would be amazing. And the car would make for a cozy cruiser in the safer lanes of the autobahn. The straight-six mill isn’t up to the task of modern flyers whipping by so we’d be in cruise mode.

Here in Costa Rica, my Montero would be a champ. And it would likely have the least amount of extra lighting on the road. The current trend of light bars and round lights cluttering every bit of a vehicle’s exterior is in full swing down here. I saw a Toyota Corolla with two LED light bars. Every Nissan pickup has between three and six Hella-style lamps bolted on the nose. But when the sun goes down, they actually might get put to use here.

How about within your own stable? Which vehicle would you like to take on a vacation with you, and where would you go? Sound off below.

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