Redusernab Asks: Which model could become its own sub-brand?

Volkswagen have just announced that the Chinese market will get a new sub brand. It’s called Jetta, and it’s the result of a partnership with Chinese automaker First Auto Works (FAW). Jalopnik reports that the partnership started back in 1991, and the car maker tag team have been cranking out models ever since. It started with the Jetta, however, and now that model is becoming a make unto its own.

To start, Jetta will offer …well, a Jetta rebadged for its market. Then the automaker will add the appropriate amount of crossovers, because those sell well in every market under the sun. Even on Saturn’s moon Titan. Hot seller over there.

This got me thinking about other models that have gone on to become brands of their own. Ram is one of the more successful that comes to mind. What was once the Dodge Ram is the full Ram family of trucks, and the newest HD version makes an amazing 1,000 pound-feet of torque. Hell, maybe horsepower and torque are the next sub brands for FCA. Also, Hyundai is doing good things right now with its latest lineup of Genesis vehicles.

But what else could become a brand of its own? If Ford decided to make a family of Mustang variants, I wouldn’t be surprised. Nissan could kickstart a Z car revival with a range of performance offerings and body styles all housed under a new sub brand.

What current model do you think could make the jump to sub brand level?

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