Redusernab Asks- What's Your Garage Art Look Like?

Whether your garage is a temple to the automotive gods, or a leaky shack that you share with the rats and black widows, it’s still the one place that we, the car nuts, can call our own. And because of that, we tend to dress up the space in artistic accoutrements that perhaps those with whom we share our lives wouldn’t deem fitting for other parts of the house.
For some, it may be something as simple as a calendar from a favored tool vender. Those typically feature twelve months worth of wrenches and sockets, as well as buxom beauties demonstrating the correct hand positions on their various handles and shafts. A fun fact, the pictures in these calendars tend not to get heavily airbrushed and so a game you can play with them is find the boob-job scar on the models.
Along with your calendar, you may have posters of your favorite cars and trucks adorning the open-stud walls and providing a bit of a homey feel. Years ago Porsche mailed out posters of the 930 with the recipient’s last name inkjetted on its license plate. It was a good bit of personalization and I was impressed enough to mount the nearly 6 square foot poster on the wall of my garage, right above the headless Audi I was working on at the time. It was truly inspirational. Some time later I discovered that Jerry Seinfeld had the exact same poster on the wall of his TV show apartment. I felt it brought us a little closer. Jerry obviously didn’t feel that way, although the restraining order seems to have made him feel a little more content these days.
Some go whole hog, wrapping their car cave in photos, memorabilia and parts that turn it more into a museum than a utilitarian domicile for their Dodges and Daimlers. But how about you, do you treat the walls of your garage as blank canvases, as did our ancestral cave painters in Lascaux, France? Is there more than just spiderwebs and empty JB Weld bottles lining the space, or does your utter lack of artistic appreciation extend to your home away from home? If not, what’s your garage art?
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