Redusernab Asks: What’s your favorite specific design element from any car?

On a Z31 Nissan 300ZX, I can quickly tell you if the car is of the two seat or two--two variety. A glance at the rear side glass reveals interior secrets. I like the way the two-seater glass looks but fully dislike the slightly altered look of the 2+2. I do like that this design element lets me quickly sort out 300ZX examples into one of two mental piles for me.

The nose and tail of a Dodge Daytona or Plymouth Superbird instantly make my heart flutter. These insane machines were built for serious speed. Muscle cars transformed into 200-mph monsters. And all it took was ridiculous aero bits to pull it off.

A good steering wheel in a vintage Italian sports car is a wonderful thing. It feels good and looks good at the same time. Your interaction with the car is through that steering wheel, and the right one helps set the tone immediately.

There are many design elements to a car, truck, or motorcycle, and certain one stand out. Maybe they even remain in your memory weeks, to months, to decades later. Sound off with some of your all-time favorites.

What’s your favorite specific design element from any vehicle?

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