Redusernab Asks: What’s your favorite defunct brand?

Pontiac had a good run. The automaker was founded way back in 1926. It survived all the way to 2010. The heydays for the brand were most certainly when John DeLorean decided to go against the law of the GM land and offer a large engine for a smaller class of car. Muscle cars were born on that day as the Pontiac Tempest became the GTO.

Thanks to its part in the muscle car revolution, Pontiac remains one of my favorite defunct automotive brands. It’s not necessarily my favorite, but it’s on a top ten list.

I’m curious as to what brands you remember fondly. Do you pine for a Plymouth? Were you sorry to see Saturn sail away? Perhaps you’re eccentric enough to want Ware Steam Wagon to make a comeback?

Either way, you have to have love for one of those automakers that didn’t quite make it to this day. What is your favorite defunct automaker?

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