Redusernab Asks: What's the Weirdest Exhaust System You've Ever Seen?

eQP-2 Yesterday we talked about weird intakes, and boy, were there some odd bodkins brought up! Of course for every suck there’s got to be a blow, and so keeping inline with weird engine breathing apparatuses, today we’re looking for the oddest exhausts. This question has been rattling around in the Castrol-covered raisin I call a brain ever since I went to the Peterson Museum a few weeks back. While there I happened upon a display of the mechanical systems that underlie a Maserati Quattroporte laid bare under accusatory spot lights. One of the things that struck me most about it was the weird-ass exhaust that had separate chambers for when you wanted to bring the noize, and for when you wanted to run silent and run deep. It’s that kind of weird we’re looking for here, as well as crazy mandrel-bent equal-length headers and those freaky flathead exhausts that don’t seem to come from anywhere. What is the weirdest exhaust you’ve ever seen? Image:

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