Redusernab Asks: What’s the Most Unworthy Car You’ve Ever Seen Restored?

For April Fools this week I had a Chrysler LeBaron on Nice Price or Crack Pipe over on Jalopnik. It was an early K-car edition, that had been lovingly restored – and more. Clean new paint, a seemingly spotless color-matched top, and a Continental kit gave evidence that the present owner really, really liked K-car LeBarons. That’s… well, not a passion to which many would admit.
Every kind of car has their fans. I’m sure somewhere out there a Ford EXP lover is currently parsing eBay for the right TRX wheel. That of course brings up the subject of today’s rumination which is when fandom devolves into idolatry. Like that LeBaron lover, there are those who don’t just like a car, they do everything in their power – and wallet – to perpetuate the model in as pristine a condition as possible.
That’s what I want to know about today: what are the examples that you have seen of cars unworthy of such life support. Have you seen a restored Fiat Strada? How about a cherry Pontiac Aztek? What are some of the most unworthy reservations you have ever seen?
Image: Hemmings

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