Redusernab Asks: What’s the Most RWD-Looking FWD Car Out There?

Have you taken a gander at the 2018 Camry yet, I mean, really checked it out? You might be forgiven for having given Toyota’s latest volume sedan a pass since the previous models have been about as aesthetically interesting as North Korean haircuts. Toyota really wishes you’d let bygones be bygones as they’ve claimed that this time they’ve really given the Camry soul in its style. What they’ve really given the four-door mid-sizer is a plethora of exaggerated faux scoops and angry eyes. Elegant and timeless it is not, but it should keep the cars moving out of the showrooms. 
One interesting design element imbued in the next Camry is prominent hips. Yep, your ’18 Camry’s got back. This is a styling trope typically reserved for rear-wheel drive cars, to lend emphasis to the power emanating from that end of the car. It’s something you’ll see in the Coke-bottle designs of American cars in the sixties and early seventies, as well as in the best of the pony cars. That makes it somewhat odd to see it here in a FWD car, but the ’18 Camry isn’t the first to steal this style. What we want today is your nominations for others, until we find what might just be the most RWD-looking FWD car there ever was.
Image: Motor Trend 

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