Redusernab Asks: What’s the most ridiculous price you’ve seen for a simple car part?

There’s a company in S. Korea called Mohenic and they’re able to turn the first-gen Montero into a baby G-Wagen. The upgrades are upscale, and so is the price. I’ve purchased a new grille for my own Montero, which is very reasonably priced but that has left me curious about some of their other parts. I found this lovely key, for example, and the asking price is more than the grille I just mentioned. In fact, it’s about $375 based on a quick currency calculation between South Korean Won and the US Dollar.

There are other items that Mohenic sells too. Like a steering wheel for over a thousand bucks, a very expensive retro sound-styled audio setup, and more. For now, I’ll stick with the grille and merely admire that key. It does look nice, but I’m not dumping nearly $400 bucks to have it.

What are some examples of automotive parts or items that should be inexpensive, but aren’t? I think this key is a good starting point.

I’m not talking about things like Bugatti wheels or a Porsche splitter. We expect those to be expensive. Share the items you don’t expect to be costly. Sound off below.

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