Redusernab Asks: What's the dumbest vehicle one could steal?


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STOLEN!!! The Roadkill Mazdarati has been stolen!!!! It was on a trailer at the Hampton Inn In Blythe, California, with a blown up engine and transmission. Someone worked really hard to get it off the trailer, push it to the road, and either load it back up or pull it away. Did you see anything? Email [email protected] and we will share with the police. It’s not like the truck is hard to spot! Please share! #becauseroadkill #mazdarati. But maybe the new “owner” can make it run 10s.

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Over the weekend, someone stole one of the Roadkill cars. Well, not a car but a truck. The Mazdarati. This is not a common truck, and with its yellow paint it stands out much more. There’s also the fact that the bed houses an Oldsmobile 455 in the bed.
While stopped for the evening, the Roadkill crew were staying in a Hampton Inn in Blythe, California. Mazdarati was tucked away on a trailer. Which means someone waited until late in the evening, rolled the truck off the trailer, hooked it up on another trailer, and disappeared into the night.
There’s no driving the truck right now since the engine is blown. As is the transaxle. Roadkill were prepping the truck for a shot at a 10-second quarter mile run. That hasn’t happened yet and the truck is pretty beat up as a result of trying.
So now someone has a broken, yellow, relatively rare pickup truck sitting in their garage. The automotive enthusiast community knows this truck and social media is keeping an eye out for it (many folks where sharing Freiburger’s post).
Is this one of the dumbest vehicles to steal? If not, tell us about some others.

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