Redusernab Asks- What's the Best Cheap Car?


There will be a spate of new small cars launching from U.S. automakers’ cannons next year. The Fiesta from Ford, Cruze from Chevy, and some sort of Fiat 500 from Chrysler, if their diabolical schemes pan out. These diminutive domestics will be greeted by a a whole slew of existing immigrants already vying for the job of transporting Gen-X-ers and others of equally meager car-buying budgets to and fro.

With so many cars to chose from- Fit, Yaris, Versa, Mazda 2, etc, we want to know which is the best.

Now, best is a pretty subjective term, and even when you’re plunking down as little as fourteen grand, there are things you’re looking for that somebody else may not be. So, let’s consider overall value as the marker- meaning features and durability. With that in mind, which cheap car would you pop for without regret?

Image sources: [Ford Motor Company, Toyota]

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