Redusernab Asks: What's the Best Car for People Who Don't Care We Cars?

Thom Yorke Ralph Nader didn’t hate cars, he just hated the poor safety standards he imagined some maintained – cars like the swing axle Corvair and the very basic VW 181. Ralph himself  famously drove a Dodge Dart. Not everybody is quite as interested in, or passionate about cars as we are. Those civilians however, need to get around town too, and public transportation is woefully inadequate in many areas. That usually means that they have to buy a car, and THAT means that they usually buy the dullest, most basic option they can spend the least amount of effort acquiring, hence perpetuating their impression that cars aren’t fun. It’s a vicious circle. What we want to find out today is perhaps how to break that circle. What do you think would be cars that non-car folk should experience that might at least let them see what’s on the other side of fun mountain? You know, without upsetting their apple cart too egregiously? What is the best car for people who don’t really give a shite about cars? Image: Leposava via Flickr

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