Redusernab Asks: What’s the Best Automotive Assembly Line Job in the World?

It’s a sad fact but for most automotive assembly line workers, the job is oftentimes little more than rote repetition offering few opportunities to escape the drudgery. That’s not the case for every auto worker, some in fact are considered artists and get to apply a plate with their signature on it as a finishing touch to their work.
That’s the kind of job I wouldn’t mind having. I mean, think of the oneupmanship at parties, where when someone tells you they just bought the latest Aston Martin DB11 and you throw right back at them that you in fact assembled their car’s motor. I know, mind blown!
What we’re interested in today is some discourse on what might just be the coolest auto assembly job on the planet. If you had one dream job that was part of pushing out cars, what would it be?
Image: Klix

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