Redusernab Asks Bonus: What Would a Redusernab SEMA Display Look Like?

The SEMA Show has likely been dominating your social s all this week and for good reason. Over 2,000 companies dealing in the beloved automotive specialty products industry bring their parts and show cars to Las Vegas for a week of automotive overload. Every big player in the game gets their own booth to show the world what they’ve got, which got me thinking…
If through some horrible chain of events SEMA approved Redusernab to set up a display booth at their show, what would our display look like?
Which of our LeMons cars would make the cut? Would the Wombat be finished in time? How many rusty car parts would we have on display? Have fun with this one. And as correct as it would be, we can’t just accept “the best SEMA display ever” as an answer.

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