Redusernab Asks- What Neighbor's Car Do You Secretly Covet?

Unless your life is a prime time soup opera, your neighbor’s wives and daughters should be considered off limits, lest you get a 12 gauge to the bait and tackle. That’s not to say that you can’t lust after their wheels, and if you stay away from their women folk, perhaps they’ll entrust you with the key to the house when they go on vacation.
Perhaps you don’t live in a neighborhood that is rife with covetable cars, but as we’re always told by advertising that we need to keep up with the Joneses, there must be somebody on the block driving something you envy them for. Maybe it’s the lawyer down the street with the Porsche Targa, or the divorcee who got her husband’s M6 in the settlement. Or maybe it’s that dink next door who likes to laud his Vette over you – going so far as to wash it right there in the driveway where you can see him caressing its every curve and spraying its headlights and hood with sudsy water. What a showoff.
The thing about neighbors is that you kind of need to be nice to them, because they can make your life  living hell if you’re not. I’m lucky that all of my neighbors are too cool for school, and one of them has a major jones for 914s. That’s a cool car and makes up for the brace of Piruses that also call our street home. But what about you, is there someone on your street, or perhaps a block over, who drives something so sweet you wish it were your own? Let us know how neighborly you are , and remember, leave the ladies alone.
Image sources: [T-low Photography, via Flickr, rjs5689 via Photobucket]

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