Redusernab Asks: What does a luxury C-Segment sedan need to stand out?

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The new #Audi A6 somewhere between San Francisco and Napa

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I’m driving the all-new Audi A6. It’s the eight-generation example of Audi’s C-segment sedan, and it’s really nice. But at the same time, there’s nothing amazing about the car. It lives in the middle ground between entry-level luxury and full-on flagship cars. Someone looks to upgrade to the Audi world with the A4. Another person has become king of their castle with the new A8. An A6 owner lives in the space between elation and expected excellence.
This isn’t an Audi specific thing, mind you. A BMW 5-Series owner, Mercedes-Benz E-Class owner, and Lexus GS owner all look at their machines as something they’ve worked hard to earn. But they might not be excited about it, like they once were when they bought the 3-Series, C-Class, ES Lexus, or Audi A4. And they pine for the 7-Series, S-Class, LS, or A8.
I’ll tell you that the new A6 has an amazing interior setup, available dynamic steering, and just-fine on road manners. It’s the new interior displays, next-generation MMI, and subtly cool styling that will carry the A6 amongst its own competition.
But what does a C-segment luxury sedan need to stand out? Or should it even try to do so as it’s a transitory piece of automobilia that serves as the bridge between working hard and true success?

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