Redusernab Asks: What do you want to know about the Honda Talon?

The UTV market has exploded the last few years. While multipurpose side by sides are king of the world in this segment, it’s the sport-based units that have catapulted interest to a new dimension. Just last year, the UTV universe was a six billion dollar industry. And it’s still growing. Polaris is the current king of the sport SxS sub segment. But Honda is jumping in with both feet; namely the Talon 1000X and Talon 1000R.

I’ve arrived in St. George, Utah to put both units through the relevant paces. But this is new ground for us…. minus our man Ross, of course, who is seething at me through his virtual teeth that he’s not on this trip. And I get it, because side by sides are pretty bad ass, and this is the newest player to an entertaining space.

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Adjustable @fox suspension… reminds me of my bike. . . . #foxsuspension #hondatalon #hooniversethings #Redusernab #honda

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What makes the Honda different from the competition? Mostly the fact that it comes packing a true dual-clutch gearbox. Other examples from competitors use a CVT. Some run a sequential gearbox, but those don’t offer a fully automated mode. The Honda DCT sounds like it’s similar to what you’d find in a car, or at least what you’ll find on a number of the Honda two-wheeled offerings  (like the Africa Twin, for example).

So what do you want to know about the Honda Talon? Sound off below. I’m curious to hear what car folk want to know about it, as well as those of you who play in the powersports space.

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