Redusernab Asks: Trans Am or Z28, What's the Cooler F-Body?

The time has come for an F-body smackdown. They may have shared a familial lineage, but early on camps of fans split off into rival Firebirds of a feather and Camaro Comrades divisions. The widest chasm exists each brand’s top performance models, the Trans Am from Pontiac, and Chevrolet’s Z28.
The Camaro came first, and today it’s the only man standing on GM’s pony car front. Additional ignominy was thrust upon the Firebird as it was a consolation prize for Pontiac after that brand was denied a two-seat sports car lest it cannibalize sales from Chevy’s Corvette. That initial also-ran lot in life was turned topsy turvy when the Trans Am was chosen by Hollywood’s star makers to become immortalized as the greatest American car ever in the movie Smokey and the Bandit. You’ll note that Chevy’s still hurting from that smite and won’t even release a new Z28.
Whether movie star or track star, both the Z28 and Firebird have their legions of fans and their pros and cons. In your mind, which one is the most legendary F-body?

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