Redusernab Asks: Should Forward Control Make a Comeback?

I was thinking the other day that technological advances in collision avoidance—things like smart cruise control and automatic braking—will likely make front-end collisions appreciably rare in the future. If that actually is the case, then it might portend the return of one of my favorite automotive formats, the forward control truck or wagon.
Look at that fabulous Jeep FC up there, and realize that’s a roomy cab and commodious pickup bed, all riding on an 81-inch wheelbase. It just doesn’t get much more space-efficient than that, nor as jaunty a ride.
The problem of course with riding atop the front wheels like this, or in a traditional VW Type 2, Corvan, or their ilk, is that when you run into something YOU are the energy-absorbing part of the equation. Now, if we could eliminate, or at least mitigate to a significant extent, the chances of that happening, we could have the best of both worlds. What do you think, should automakers be considering a return to Forward Control now that tech might make them safe?

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