Redusernab Asks: Should Acura revive the Long Beach GP celebrity race?

For a hell of a long time, Toyota served as the title sponsor of the Long Beach Grand Prix. That race returns to the streets of southern California this weekend, but Toyota’s name will not be found on the signage. Like a lot of residents, Toyota has fled to Texas. So Acura has stepped up to grab title sponsor duty for the race. But does that mean the celebrity race might return as well?

Along with the IndyCar and IMSA action, Toyota sponsored a celebrity pro-am race through the streets of downtown Long Beach. The grid was packed with all sorts of famous folk from the world of film, television, music, and also actual motorsport. There was a pro driver class and the celebrity amateur class. Friend of Redusernab Rutledge Wood pulled out a victory one year.

With Acura running the show now, should the automaker consider reviving the celebrity race? And if so, what vehicle would you like to see used for the event?

I think standard Civic turbos would be a good idea, or perhaps jump up to the Si. I’m not sure the mighty Type R is needed in this instance. Either way, it would be a good bit of entertainment for those in attendance, and another chance for some Honda or Acura marketing.

[Image borrowed from Super Street]

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