Redusernab Asks: Into what shouldn’t you put the 1000-hp Hellephant?

It produces 1,000 horsepower. The displacement is listed at 426 cubic inches. If you buy it, it arrives in a crate ready to supply your project vehicle with four-figure engine output. And it will cost you at least $29,995 to own one. The 426 Hemi Hellephant crate engine is a monster mill, and Mopar is finally ready for hand raisers to deliver their pre-order cash.

You’ll also want the Engine Kit, which turns this swap adventure into a plug-and-play bit of kit. The electronics and modules for the kit run an additional $2,265. There’s more too, if you want it. Mopar will offer a Front End Accessory Drive kit, A/C Expansion kit, Exhaust Manifold kit, and a Rear Sump Oil Pan kit. Put it all together and you’re sitting pretty, powerful, and devoid of large stacks of cash.

Last year, after the engine was announced at the 2018 SEMA show, we asked you about some ideal engine swap candidates. Now that we know how much it costs, what shouldn’t you put this engine into? What vehicle would be worse off with a Hellephant engine swap?

At the moment, we can’t really think of anything but you’re bound to come up with something. Right? Sound off below.

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