Redusernab Asks: How often do you wax your car?

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The market is littered with products that promise to bring out the best in your car’s paint. When I used to work in the automotive department at a Farm and Fleet, we had no less than 16 feet of waxes, washes, bug removers and cleaning implements. The tubs and bottles contained cleaner waxes, once-a-year polishes, three-step processes, spray-and-wipes, clay bar kits, and Brazilian waxes so exotic you can’t get them in a day spa. I never fully understood the whole spread, but I dabbled enough to keep a reasonably clean look—even if my ride at the time was a basic Escort.
These days, with two kids and too many car projects, I’m satisfied if I get to do it once a year. I use the same tub of whatever-it-is that I’ve had in my garage for probably 4 years. Jeff, on the other hand, is practicing a rub job with his stately Mercedes sedan using high-quality stuff. He likes it when he can see his reflection.
What about you? Do you make a day of it as often as possible, or only when you feel a rubdown is really necessary? Do you work it by hand, or with electric assist? Expensive liquids, or whatever’s close at hand? Maybe you just rub peanut butter all over and let the dog lick it off.
Whatever it is, tell us your… uh… polishing regimen.

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