Redusernab Asks- Have You Ever Bought a Car that You Later Regretted Buying?

Yesterday we discussed – amid many tears – cars that we let slip and now of which we wish were still in possession. Today we’re looking at the flip side – one that’s much more egregious- Have you ever suffered buyers’ remorse on a car? As car enthusiasts, we all have emotional attachments to our cars and trucks, and sometimes that can cause us to make choices we wouldn’t normally. It’s sort of like getting drunk and waking up the next morning with a new tattoo and someone in your bed that calls you “Hun.” There are wild hairs that we all get up the butt – cars that seem like a good idea at the time, and then once we get home and the endorphin rush starts to fade, we think- now why did I do that? So, has that ever happened to you- did you make a purchase that you soon grew to regret? If so, what did you do- did you return it?Sell it to some one else? Or are you still driving it to this day? Image source: []

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