Redusernab Asks: Have there been any good resurrected models?

I saw the new Chevy Blazer at this year’s New York International Auto Show and it’s everything you’d expect it to be – another forgettable, unmistakably General Motors, mid-size CUV. It looked like the Equinox in almost every way. It was so bad I didn’t even take a picture of next to the Equinox to show the lack of similarity. By pure coincidence, the day earlier I drove my friend’s 70’s K5 Blazer. You’d think there would be some old DNA Blazer in the model, but no. There’s none.

Which bring me to today’s question, which was inspired by Twitter’s HWMcNewbie who stated that “OEM are mostly terrible when it comes to resurrecting brand names.”

That’s kind of a valid point. Between the Beetle, Thunderbird, Charger, Challenger, MINIs, and whatever else that was once dead but came back to life, which is them have been really good? Did any of them made you say ‘I want to buy that!”?

Photo: Zlomnik on FB

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