Redusernab Asks- Expensive Cheap Car, or Cheap Expensive Car?

These days you can buy pretty much the same car from an auto maker’s different divisions. Whether it be Ford Fusion vs. Lincoln MkZ, Toyota Camry vs. Lexus ES350, or even BMW 328i vs. BMW 528i, you have the option of loading up a lower-priced model to exceed the features of its higher cost, but bare-bones, sibling, at a price that is comparable.
While there remains intangible benefits to having the more prestigious brand, substituting value over repute may be prudent, especially if one is less label-conscious. Alternatively, resale value on higher-end brands trend to be better than their less-aspirational brethren, so there could be long-term benefit to sucking it up and paying for the brand and not the features.
So, the question is: At a similar cost, which is better, buying a feature-rich cheap car, or a less well-equipped expensive car?
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