Redusernab Asks- Driving Accouterments – Necessary, or Just Douchy?

Driving gloves, Piloti shoes, silk windbreakers with CORVETTE written up each arm- there are certain garments that  are claimed to make driving more enjoyable, or help you celebrate your passion for a particular vehicle. But, are they really necessary, or does wearing them make you look like a dink?
We’ve all seen Burt Reynolds in his flaming chicken BANDIT jacket, which seemed to define his celebrity persona in the late ’70s -early ’80s. We’ve all also seen people wearing driving gloves – usually in inappropriate locales, such as Starbucks, or the cemetery in the opening of Night of the Living Dead.
Driving moccasins, with their roll-off heels and low “unsprung weight” can obviously shave a couple of seconds off your commute, and Piolti has made a name for themselves manufacturing shoes designed for the dilettante driver. And, of course, no car show or swap meet would be complete without a sea of heavily auto-branded tee-shirts stretched tight across the beer bellies of their proud owners.
But do you subscribe to the notion that clothing can make your driving more enjoyable? Is there a pair of mesh-back gloves lurking in your car? Do you own a Jacket that proudly communicates your brand of choice down each sleeve? And what about your feet- do they work the pedals wearing little more than flip-flops like a certain automotive writer we know? Or do you wrap them in specialty footwear to enhance your heel and toe-ability?  How much of your car has creeped into your wardrobe?
Image sources: [Motivemag, Scrapetv]

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