Redusernab Asks: Do you have a Haynes Manual nearby?

John Harold Haynes passed away this past week. The man helped a generation of burgeoning car enthusiasts keep their scrappy bits of pride and joy on the road. And that love of tinkering and wrenching extended as it was past from parent to child. As machines changed hands, and knowledge was earned along the way. It’s with an oil-stained Haynes that this process continues to this day.

With the purchase of a new project car, I figured I’d need a fresh Haynes to go with it. But I was wrong. Because the owner before me already had one tucked away behind the rear seats. And like the car was changing hands, so to is the manual that goes with it.

And it joins the Haynes I have for my Mercedes-Benz. That one will be stuck in the trunk of the W114 Benz when it shuffles off to a new owner. And the cycle of car culture rejuvenation continues.

Do you have a Haynes nearby? I assume you do, but sound off and let us know. Share your manuals in the comments below.

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